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  • macOS と Android での音楽ライブラリーのカスタムソート順

    音楽ライブラリにおいてのカスタムソート順は、かなりまれなニーズだとされている。 ほとんどの主要言語は表音文字を使って、その自然な並べ替えが Unicode での順序とほぼ同じである(場合によっては正規化は必要)。一方、表意文字(主に漢字)を使う言語では、Unicode での並び方が自然な並び方(通常は読み順)と異なる。これにより、Unicode コードポイント順で並べ替えられたリストがおかしいな順番たと見られ、調べづらくなる。したがって、音楽ライブラリ中のタイトル、アーティスト、アルバム名などのカスタムソート順は、これら一つ、または複数の言語で構成している場合に役に立つ。

  • Simple automated interactions with Telegram Bots using MTProto (Pyrogram)

    Telegram is a popular IM platform that is famous for its openness. A lot of applications are being discovered with their public Bot API and User API. Exposed as an HTTP interface, the Bot API is more popular on Telegram, but to interact with a bot, we still need to expose its User API, which […]

  • Write to Repeater Fields of Ultimate Fields with WordPress REST API

    Ultimate Fields is a WordPress plugin that add custom fields to existing post types, both built-in and custom. It’s the only free plugin I found that can add a repeating field (field with arbitrary number of items. However, this plugin has not been updated for almost a year, and there’s a bug where repeater fields […]

  • Translate README files in reStructuredText with Sphinx

    reStructuredText (reST) is a markup language that is popular in the Python developers community. reST is the standard markup language for docutils, Sphinx documentation generator, and the Python Package Index (PyPI). However, reST by now is still not popular enough. Most translation platforms, including Crowdin which I’m using now for EH Forwarder Bot, have no […]

  • Splitting a Large Class and Multiple Inheritance in Python

    When I started refactoring EFB Telegram Master Channel (ETM) for 2.0 updates, I was investigating ways to organize code into different files in a decent manner. In this article I’d like to talk about the strategy I used, comparing to another codebase I was reading back then, itchat.

  • RWG: an Experiment on Semi-Automated AI (?) Agent for Genkai Shiritori Mobile

    Few days ago, a new game, Genkai Shiritori Mobile (GSM), was released by Baton Co., Ltd. and a web media and YouTubers team QuizKnock. Shiritori is a traditional Japanese word game where each player says a new word that starts with the last letter (or rather kana) of the previous word. Genkai Shiritori is a […]

  • What’s so new in EH Forwarder Bot 2 (and its modules)

    What’s so new in EH Forwarder Bot 2 (and its modules)

    EH Forwarder Bot is an extensible chat tunneling framework that allow users to send and receive messages from multiple IM platforms at one stop, and ultimately manage their accounts remotely.

  • Obfuscate PDF Text: Scramble Copied Text with Crafted CMap

    Notice This does not prevent your PDF from being copied. OCR nowadays is pretty advanced. Backup your document before you do anything. The author does not encourage plagiarism in any form.

  • My Telegram mini toolkits (zh-CN)


    My first submission to <a href="http://matrix.

  • Idea: Group Chat Tunneling (Sync) with EH Forwarder Bot

    EH Forwarder Bot (EFB) is an extensible chat tunneling framework written in Python 3. GitHub.

    EFB is mainly designed for gathering messages from many other platforms to the one platform, but also designed with other types of tunneling in mind. In this article, I’d like to introduce how EFB works now, and how to design channels for group chat tunneling with utilizing available channels in EFB. Here “group chat tunneling” means synchronizing messages across several groups in different platforms.