Note: Some logistic info about my internship at Microsoft Winter 2018 ~ 2019

Some details I’d like to note down regarding my internship that I was trying to look for and found nothing useful online. Information below is as accurate as of Winter 2018 ~ 2019, at Redmond, WA.

Corporate housing

If you choose corporate housing option, you could be assigned to an apartment in one of the following locations, with one or two other interns.

  • Timberlawn
  • Redmond Veloce
  • Alley
  • Liv Bel-Red
  • Redmond Heron

Transport-wise they are all quite near to the campus, with the free bus and internal shuttle bus it shouldn’t be hard to get around.

I couldn’t say much about corporate housing at I went with Airbnb instead, but corporate housing is still a good option if you’d like a hassle-free experience.

Fitness centers

One of the 4 chain fitness centers are available to interns as a part of the perks. The membership fee is contributed to your taxable income, and thus tax is collected from it.

  • PRO Club (the most popular option)
  • YMCA
  • Columbia Athletic Club
  • Gold’s Gym

I chose PRO Club suggested by other interns, and I didn’t regret. With the floors of equipments and all kinds of fields, it should be good for most people’s need. Surprisingly there are 8 treadmills that can switch to metric units.

PRO also has a shuttle service to and from the campus, but the timing isn’t very ideal, at least for me.


  • Working location. This could really depend on which team you are in. Redmond campus has over 100 buildings across both side of Road 520. There’s always on demand shuttle cars you can hire for free to travel between buildings.
  • Dining. There are free drinks and staff fridges available 24/7 in each floor of each building. However, all cafés in the campus only open for breakfast and lunch on weekdays, and there isn’t really many places to eat around the campus a on weekends. I end up with fast food, delivery and frozen meals most of the time. 🤷

If you’d like to know more about my intern life at Microsoft, leave a comment below and I’ll answer as much as I can.


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