Use GraphQL subscription to show progress of time-consuming operations

GraphQL is feature-rich query language designed to fit majority of needs of generic online applications. The 3 main types of operations in GraphQL are query, mutation and subscription. While queries and mutations are send in HTTP requests, subscriptions are running on WebSocket, which enables it to receive updates in real time. In this article, I would like to talk about using the subscription to report real-time results and/or progresses to time-consuming operations.

Measure per-letter dimension of text in JavaScript

TL;DR: Create a Range, set proper start and end points up to the text node with proper offset, then use Range.getBoundingClientRect() to get the dimensions.

As a part of the Lyricova Jukebox, we wanted to support inline karaoke swipe animation. With the time tags in the data, it is easy to figure out the time when the animation must reach a certain character. Then we need to figure out a way measure per character dimension for the animation to work.

How LyricsX keeps track of progress of media players

LyricsX is an open source software for macOS to download and display lyrics of current playing track on Music (previously iTunes), Spotify, Audirvana, Vox, Swinsian, or the Now Playing indicator in the OS. It gets time-tagged lyrics files from local storage or internet, and then display the lyrics in sync with the player.

As a crucial component of the development of Lyricova Jukebox, I have researched multiple implementations of real time lyrics display programs, and I found the mechanism behind LyricsX particularly interesting. Here in this article, I’d share with you how LyricsX tracking the player progress in a unique and resource-saving way.


本文又是一篇从 Telegram 的投票评语里面引申出来博文。不知不觉发现这一话题写了很长,就索性再添上一些写进这里。我们不争论我们是否「应该」在中文里面用弯引号云云。如果没有硬性规定,按个人偏好就好。

首先,不同于大部分中文/全角标点,Unicode 里面有一些常用的中文标点是和西文中同样作用的标点共享相同的码位的:

一只菜鸡关于《Project NANO》的解谜记录

经过几手转发,从 Telegram 上面发现了一个解谜游戏,名叫《Project Nano》。至于它是什么《Nazo: Phi Project》的回应云云的一系列经纬我也不得而知了。当然,至于为什么要叫做「不完整解谜记录」,单纯是因为俺太菜,卡了不知多少次关,而且(暂时还)没有解出来而已。就是这样。感谢各位大佬的倾力提示(有时候差点答案就出来了)终于完成了这个记录。