Obfuscate PDF Text: Scramble Copied Text with Crafted CMap

Notice This does not prevent your PDF from being copied. OCR nowadays is pretty advanced. Backup your document before you do anything. The author does not encourage plagiarism in any form.     Read more
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Eana Hufwe Aug 29, 2017

My Telegram mini toolkits (zh-CN)

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Eana Hufwe Feb 14, 2017

Idea: Group Chat Tunneling (Sync) with EH Forwarder Bot

EH Forwarder Bot (EFB) is an extensible chat tunneling framework written in Python 3. GitHub. EFB is mainly designed for gathering messages from many other platforms to the one platform, but also designed with other types of tunneling in mind. In this article, I’d like to introduce how EFB works now, and how to design channels for group chat tunneling with utilizing available channels in EFB. Here “group chat tunneling” means synchronizing messages across several groups in different platforms.     Read more
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Eana Hufwe Jan 28, 2017

EFB How-to: Send and Receive Messages from WeChat on Telegram (zh-CN)

安装并使用 EFB:在 Telegram 收发微信消息 AbstractThis article is a tutorial on how to install EH Forwarder Bot on a VPS server, with Telegram Master Channel and WeChat Slave Channel, alongside with simple exmaples of how to use it. Targeting WeChat power users in China, this article is written in Chinese (zh-CN). For installation manual in English, please visit the documentation.     Read more
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Eana Hufwe Jan 09, 2017

The Making of: Lyricova Screensaver v2

It has been long since last time I post here. This time I’d like to share about how I made the Lyricova Screensaver v2: refractor from my own legacy code.     Read more
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Eana Hufwe Jan 07, 2017