RWG: an Experiment on Semi-Automated AI (?) Agent for Genkai Shiritori Mobile

Few days ago, a new game, Genkai Shiritori Mobile (GSM), was released by Baton Co., Ltd. and a web media and YouTubers team QuizKnock. Shiritori is a traditional Japanese word game where each player says a new word that starts with the last letter (or rather kana) of the previous word. Genkai Shiritori is a game originated from QuizKnock where they added a few new rules on top of the simple Shiritori game, including:

  • Including a random factor of playing cards: the next player must say a word with the number of kanas on the card drawn.
  • Time limit: each player has a total of 5 minutes of time per game

After the Genkai Shiritori video series has gain popularity on YouTube, QuizKnock then modified the rules further and made into a mobile game. This article is introducing my analysis, attempts and thoughts on building a semi-automated AI (?) agent, which I later named it as Random Word Generator.

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What’s so new in EH Forwarder Bot 2 (and its modules)

EH Forwarder Bot is an extensible chat tunneling framework that allow users to send and receive messages from multiple IM platforms at one stop, and ultimately manage their accounts remotely.

After almost a whole year, EH Forwarder Bot 2 has finally more or less finalized its features and structures. Most of the modules have also entered beta stage together with the framework. This update will be a lot different from the previous version, and as suggested by the semantic versioning, it will not be compatible with the previous version.

So, I think it should be the time to introduce about the new features in EFB v2.

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My Telegram mini toolkits (zh-CN)


My first submission to “Matrix”, a private product sharing platform built by SSPai (in zh-CN). This article introduces some of my recent bots or project related to Telegram, including the following stuff:

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Idea: Group Chat Tunneling (Sync) with EH Forwarder Bot

EH Forwarder Bot (EFB) is an extensible chat tunneling framework written in Python 3. GitHub.

EFB is mainly designed for gathering messages from many other platforms to the one platform, but also designed with other types of tunneling in mind. In this article, I’d like to introduce how EFB works now, and how to design channels for group chat tunneling with utilizing available channels in EFB. Here “group chat tunneling” means synchronizing messages across several groups in different platforms.

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EFB How-to: Send and Receive Messages from WeChat on Telegram (zh-CN)

安装并使用 EFB:在 Telegram 收发微信消息



This article is a tutorial on how to install EH Forwarder Bot on a VPS server, with Telegram Master Channel and WeChat Slave Channel, alongside with simple exmaples of how to use it. Targeting WeChat power users in China, this article is written in Chinese (zh-CN). For installation manual in English, please visit the documentation.

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Documents from StuDocu without watermark

Trying to download some documents from StuDocu, namely those past papers and slides. Even you can easily get free premium for months, but there’s always annoying watermark blocking your vision. Really I have tried to write a script to programmatically remove the watermark, but PDF is Evil. So, I kinda worked out a workaround, generate PDF from the webpage.
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AngularJS: UI Router resolve with $resource

Long time no see! It really has been long since last time I post on this topic. That’s because I’ve been working on the “real New 1A23”, I was rewriting the entire CMS on my own. Front-end and back-end. Anyway, this time, there’s a my solution to one of the problems I found: Compatibility between ui-router‘s resolve and $resource.
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