DAM Karaoke in Round1 Tukwila from the View of a Vocaloid Enjoyer

Finally, after years, I have moved to somewhere where I actually have access to a karaoke with a Japanese system in close proximity. I was really excited to learn that there is a Round1 that I can go to without traveling to somewhere ridiculously far.

This Round1 advertises that it is equipped with the DAM karaoke system, but without many details. I decided to give it a try and see if it could offer the entire set of features of an actual karaoke box in Japan. (Although frankly, I’d actually prefer JoySound over DAM for the better Vocaloid song coverage if I ever have a choice.)


First of all, the pricing. Round1 Southcenter offers two different systems at the same price, an English machine using Healsonic’s system, and a Japanese one using DAM. Both systems are available in the same room and share the same price.

DayTime1–3 people4–6 people7–15 people16–30 people
Sunday & HolidayOpen–12:00$14$19$32$53
Room price per hour of Round1 Tukwila as of 2023

I chose to visit on a weekday morning for the cheapest rate, and all karaoke rooms were free as expected. The booking process was simple. No prior reservation was required. I just went to the counter, told the person that I wanted to book a Japanese karaoke room, made the payment, and handed over my photo ID. Then she gave me a tray with the DAM remote, two microphones, and an instruction pamphlet.


Unfortunately, the instruction pamphlet wasn’t really helpful in trying to set up the machine. The instructions seemed to be missing a critical step. Switching the input on the mixer was easy with the instructions, but me and the staff spent almost ten minutes trying to figure out why the TV didn’t show anything from the DAM machine.

It turns out that the Healsonic box has to be turned off first to let DAM output reach the TV, which was rather confusing. The staff might not have been trained on how to use that either. At least it’s good that they extended my booking for 10 more minutes to compensate for the setup time.

Taking a closer look at the machine and remote, the machine is a DAM-XG5000, released in 2010, and the remote is a PM300zB, which seems to be from the same era.


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  1. Outvi V Avatar

    Does R1’s karaoke room have the feature for users to cast their own video (or screen) onto the system? This seems to be a well-known workaround for Karaoke services that don’t have many songs, and can apparently be a plus even when the users just want to have a rest to watch videos.

    1. Not that I’m aware of. At least I couldn’t find any similar option on the DAM machine. Given how old the machine is, I won’t expect that it would support such features. However, the Healsonic machine might be able to since it looks much more modern, and is possible able to connect to its mobile app.

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