RYDL: Our Attempt

RYDL is a rather “classic” file-based set of puzzles composed by COL, who was from the team first solved Tìngäzìk. COL sent this puzzle to us as a response to Tìngäzìk. (Thank you, COL!)

The puzzle is a zip archive containing 6 PNG image files with the first one being an instruction page for the puzzle. The puzzle set consists of 6 main puzzles and a meta puzzle. Puzzles are not related to each other except the metapuzzle depends on the answer to all the others ones. Answers to all 7 puzzles are English words of 6 letters.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how we – Eana, Ben Pig Chu, and an anonymous contributor – solved this puzzle, and some interesting details we learnt from COL after solving it.

Puzzle #1

Puzzle #1

This puzzle comes with 2 halves in slightly different shades of gray. Overlapping the 2 halves gives the following pattern with the complete title RYDL.

Two halves recolored and joined together.

Joining the 2 halves, only 6 parts of those lines are connected together.

6 folded lines each pointing to top-right and bottom, top and left, top-left and left, bottom left and bottom right, top-left and right, bottom-left and right.

Since the answers are 6 letter words, these 6 folds can be identified as flag semaphores. Therefore, the 6 letters are: