Project Gy: Reborn?

Well, due to the mass temptation from Quora answerers, I’m going to reconstruct Project Gy from scratch with Laravel, soon after I finish the 3 modules. Then I will post up the last edition based on CodeIgniter.

Yet, I’m not quite sure if I really have time to reconstruct it, as JC2 is expected to be quite packed, and A-level is coming.

Probably, I may leave Project Gy as is and move on to Noti+Plus (I’ll introduce it in a later post), or Codename LyricG. Meanwhile there is a “MCQportal” (A web-app that get teachers to have quick multiple choice quiz online in a special manner) pending on the list. This was thrown by my ex-CCA teacher, and I’ve done a prototype with Web2Py, suggested by my pal Freddie.

There’s really a lot of things that I’ve planed to do, really a lot.

By the way, for the latest progress on Project Gy, please visit here. Whatever is cancelled there means it’s done.

Recent plan and progress for Gy

Recently I’m working on some new features for Project Gy (very slowly). Seems it may take me some time to finish all of it, so I’m using this post to talk about my plan and progress.

Some off topic words:

In the progress of feature development , I’m using a super simplified version of Git workflow model locally, which includes a Develop branch and a Origin branch. Develop branch for features, and Origin branch is for hotfix that’s push to the server. I don’t think all the detailed branching is necessary for just an individual developer. But I would try to implement this model to Project Gy if there’s really anyone want to join me. I’m waiting for the moment, and looking forward to it. (as I’m coding alone since the very beginning…)

Okay, let’s come back. This is basically the plan so far.

  • Resource management in back-end.

    • Font management

      *   <del>Delete font</del>
      • Upload font

            *   <del>Upload and generate preview</del>
        *   <del>Migrate current font system to database based font management (Imggen)</del>
      • Background management

        • Delete
      • Upload and management
      • Migrate (Imggen)

      • signature customisation.

  • Imggen upgrade

    • Migrate font & bg to database.
    • Customize dynamic page.

      *   <del>Configuration saved as JSON in database `GY_usermeta.signature`</del>
      • Upload Bg.
      • Parameters setting page with rough preview using HTML5 Canvas & JS.

      • Inner library: parameters are delivered using array.

    • Include default image & font files in .gitignore and remove all copyright image.
    • Update main site dynamic picture design
  • Theme system?

    • /view/theme/default
    • Theme detail using manifest.json??
    • Modify all controller to fit theme system
  • Multi-language

    • urgh…
  • Social lyric media site?

    • (I hardly have any idea of it)

Just realised this is really a big project for me to do.

Before “Codename LyricG”, this would be the main project that I’m focusing on.
Maybe “LyricG” will come soon, or will it never come? Who knows?


Thanks for getting in touch. We are working on a official Chinese version and in fact we would prefer there not to be any unofficial patches until we are done since piracy is a big concern for us in China.




gil告诉我说,一两个月之后 他会再联系我,现在已经一个月了,具体有什么事情还是敬候佳音吧!