Get Latin Modern on Quiver

Just had my first hand-on experience with Quiver. It’s quite a useful note-taking app. Just that it only supports OS X. It would be better if it works on Android as well.

I’ve found out that Quiver uses MathJax for LaTeX rendering, and it uses STiX fonts instead of Latin Modern. Personally, I prefer Latin Modern better for math expressions, as it’s the default choice, and STiX just too similar to Times.

Okay let’s come back to the topic: how to change the font in Quiver LaTeX rendering.

Well, actually, MathJax only officially support a bunch of different fonts, they are:

  • MathJax TeX
  • STIX General
  • Asana Math
  • Neo Euler
  • Gyre Pagella
  • Gyre Termes
  • Latin Modern

So, you are not limited to just Latin Modern and STIX.

What you need

  • Quiver app
  • Latest MathJax Package

The procedure is quite simple. First you need to make a back up of your current Quiver app, so that in case of any problems, you can just revert it back.

Then, navigate to the path, replace all contents in MathJax-2.4.0 with corresponding files in the latest MathJaX.

Finally, replace similar code in:

  • html-build/presentation.html
  • html-build/preview.html
  • html-build/export.html

to the following code (usually from line 45):

availableFonts: ["Latin-Modern"],
preferredFont: null,
webFont: "Latin-Modern",
imageFont: null

Note: Replace Latin-Modern with TeX, STIX-Web, Asana-Math, Neo-Euler, Gyre-Pagella or Gyre-Termes to use other fonts.

That’s it. Restart your Quiver app and enjoy.




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