Tìngäzìk: a Retrospective – ep. 1 “Roman”

From this episode, I’ll try to go through each level of the game, starting from the first one. Most of these posts would be relatively short, in a fixed format, and I might run out of introduction text to write from the next episode. Please bear with me for the next 30+ articles, and I hope you enjoy it.

Roman #easy

Expected solvable difficulty

  • 1sample: experienced challengers
  • 3samples+: most challengers

Level design

Roman is designed to be a warm-up level. I took the idea from a question I did for ICPC preparation, generating roman numerals form integers input given the rules. For the 4 questions, I wanted to build some common word or acronyms that at first look not like a roman numeral. However, we only have I, V, X, L, C, D and M at our dispose, and there is also an rule of digit order that confines what we can construct from it.

Through trial and error, I managed to get the following ones for the question:

  • CD (compact disc/change directory)
    = -100 + 500 = 400
  • MIX (to combine or to put together)
    = 1000 + -1 + 10 = 1009
  • DIV (divide, division)
    = 500 + -1 + 5 = 504
  • XL (extra large)
    = -10 + 50 = 40

Expected thought process

Look at the sample questions to figure out Roman numeral representation (1sample ~ 3samples), or find it out from the keywords given (keywords+). Then convert the number from Roman numeral to decimals.


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