Tìngäzìk: a Retrospective – ep. 7 “Nogomegō”

Nogomegō #chinese

Expected solvable difficulty

  • nohint+: experienced solvers with high Chinese or Japanese proficiency
  • keywords+: most solvers with Chinese or Japanese proficiency
  • answer: all solvers

Level design

Hanzi breakdown

on my brainstorming note

This level is fully based on a video from QuizKnock, with only some slight twists on the representation on the character components. I immediately found this video a good question to include in the puzzle once I saw the final question. The last question is a good and tricky choice of breakdown that is rather challenging to build back the original character, even for native Hanzi users.

  • 木木㐅㐅石大 → 礬 3:21
    changed from メ [Katakana Me] to 㐅 [Hanzi]
  • 冫冖心豆士欠 → 懿 5:53
    changed from ワン [Katakana Wa N] to 冖冫 [Hanzi]
  • 厂犬鬼日月 → 魘 4:03
  • 丿号米 → 粤 7:01
    changed from ノ [Katakana No] to 丿 [Hanzi / Radical]

Expected thought process

Realize this question is asking to build Hanzi from the parts given (nohint+), or find it out from keywords (keywords+). Then either trying to look for it by total number of strokes, or look for the relevant QuizKnock video for the answer (solution+).


The question name Nogomegō, is taken from the name given by Izawa Takushi in the video at 7:20 (ノゴメゴウ!!)


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