Tìngäzìk: a Retrospective – ep. 16 “Uni-cat”

Uni-cat #unicode

Expected solvable difficulty

  • 1sample+: experienced solvers
  • keywords+: most solvers

Level design

Following the trend of “exploiting” Unicode for level ideas, I found another property of characters in the chart – Category. Unicode broken down all their characters into 29 categories and 8 groups – Letter, Mark Number, Punctuation, Symbol, Separator, and Other. Each of the category has a two-letter acronym, for instance, uppercase letters are Lu, and currency symbols are Sc. The characters in the question are chosen from random online Unicode “font” converters websites and handpicked for a wider variety of categories.

CharacterUnicode NameCategory
U+2202 Partial DifferentialMath symbol (Sm)
U+2D55 Tifinagh Letter YarrOther letter (Lo)
ԝU+051D Cyrillic Small Letter WeLowercase letter (Ll)
𝟺U+1D7FA Mathematical Monospace Digit FourDecimal number (Nd)
U+2375 APL Functional Symbol OmegaOther symbol (So)
𝟡U+1D7E1 Mathematical Double-Struck Digit NineDecimal number (Nd)
U+20A9 Won SignCurrency symbol (Sc)
𝑔U+1D454 Mathematical Italic Small GLowercase letter (Ll)
U+2169 Roman Numeral TenLetter number (Nl)
U+1004 Myanmar Letter NgaOther letter (Lo)
𝘘U+1D618 Mathematical Sans-Serif Italic Capital QUppercase letter (Lu)
𝒋U+1D48B Mathematical Bold Italic Small JLowercase letter (Ll)
U+277D Dingbat Negative Circled Digit EightOther number (No)
U+2CA2 Coptic Capital Letter RoUppercase letter (Lu)
U+0FBE Tibetan Ku Ru KhaOther symbol (So)
U+0AE7 Gujarati Digit OneDecimal number (Nd)
U+1D4D Modifier Letter Small GModifier letter (Lm)
U+1963 Tai Le Letter AOther letter (Lo)
U+0F0F Tibetan Mark Tsheg ShadOther punctuation (Po)
U+30A8 Katakana Letter EOther letter (Lo)
𝖓U+1D593 Mathematical Bold Fraktur Small NLowercase letter (Ll)
U+0FC0 Tibetan Cantillation Sign Heavy BeatOther symbol (So)
𝒀U+1D480 Mathematical Bold Italic Capital YUppercase letter (Lu)
𝚍U+1D68D Mathematical Monospace Small DLowercase letter (Ll)
U+217E Small Roman Numeral Five HundredLetter number (Nl)
U+ABA4 Cherokee Small Letter TaLowercase letter (Ll)
U+2096 Latin Subscript Small Letter KModifier letter (Lm)
U+2133 Script Capital MUppercase letter (Lu)
U+1042 Myanmar Digit TwoDecimal number (Nd)
U+20B2 Guarani SignCurrency symbol (Sc)
𝟷U+1D7F7 Mathematical Monospace Digit OneDecimal number (Nd)
U+230B Right FloorClose punctuation (Pc)
𝛐U+1D6D0 Mathematical Bold Small OmicronLowercase letter (Ll)
U+2093 Latin Subscript Small Letter XModifier letter (Lm)
U+17F4 Khmer Symbol Lek Attak BuonOther number (No)
U+2109 Degree FahrenheitOther symbol (So)
U+2124 Double-Struck Capital ZUppercase letter (Lu)
U+149B Canadian Syllabics West-Cree CwooOther letter (Lo)
U+0BE6 Tamil Digit ZeroDecimal number (Nd)
U+2478 Parenthesized Digit FiveOther number (No)
U+2C63 Latin Capital Letter P With StrokeUppercase letter (Lu)
U+100C Myanmar Letter TthaOther letter (Lo)
ԌU+050C Cyrillic Capital Letter Komi SjeUppercase letter (Lu)
U+2D59 Tifinagh Letter YasOther letter (Lo)

Expected thought process

Realizing this question is asking for Unicode Category acronyms from samples or keywords provided, and look them up in Unicode databases.


Recovering the ASCII plain text from the questions, dQw4w9WgXcQ, j8PxqgliIno, YddwkMJG1Jo, and xvFZjo5PgG0 are four different Rickrolling video links on YouTube, with the first being the most famous one.


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