Tìngäzìk: a Retrospective – ep. 18 “Hajimete no Oto”

Hajimete no Oto #morse

Expected solvable difficulty

  • 1sample+: experienced solvers
  • keywords+: most solvers

Level design

This level is designed to be a rather easy level to find out morse code played in the video. However, it turns out that it was rather not easy to find Vocaloid songs that has some sort of morse code played in the background. I only have found 3 in my music library that has a definitive answer: Hajimete no Oto, Sadistic.Music∞Factory, and Interlude – La La La Doomsday Theory, with the last one being only an interlude to an album. (*Hello, planet, a main track in the same album, also features the same morse code as the interlude, but not as clear as this one.) For the forth video, I decided to throw in a clip of the classic Nokia message ringtone, which is simply SMS in morse code (dah dah dah, dih dih, dah dah dah).

I also wanted to include this arrangement of Hajimete no Oto with a different morse code in front, however the last bit of the code is not clear in the video, and the code is also formatted in Japanese morse unlike the rest.

The code at the beginning of the video can be transcribed roughly as ー・・・ ーー・ー・ ・・ ー・・・ー ー・・ー ーー・ー・ ・ー・ーー ー・ー ー・ ーー・ー・ ・・ーー ・ー・ ー・・ー ー・ーーー ー・・・ ーーーー ・ー・ー・ ・・・ ・ー・ー・, “ハジメマシテワタシノナマエハコンラン”, “初めまして、私の名前は混乱”, “Nice to meet you, my name is Konran.”

Expected thought process

Realizing this question is asking to transcribe the morse code in the video, either transcribe it directly or search for the the answer online with the song’s name.


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