UOM Programming Proficiency/Competency Test

This is to introduce what is the University of Melbourne Programming Proficency/Competency Test, and how is it like. Information is based on my personal experience in Semester 2, 2016.

What is it?

The University of Melbourne Programming Proficency Test (also known as the Programming Competency Test), is served as one of the prerequisites to replace the subject COMP10001 Foundation of Computing. When passing this test at a score more than 75%, you are able to enrol to several subject including COMP10002 Foundation of Algorithm`.

The name of the test is not consistant throughout the materials provided by the university, but “Programming Proficiency Test” is rather used more commonly.

My belief in choosing a tool/service to use

Everyone has his beliefs, religional or not. And today I’m going to talk about my belief in choosing a tool to use. Grown in the age of IT, my entire life has been influenced by the brust of IT applications. Since most of the time, those consumer electronics are just tools to use, it is important to choose a proper one for a greater efficiency.