Custom sort order in music libraries: macOS and Android

Custom sort order in music libraries is a rather rare need. Most major languages use phonograms in their scripts, where the natural sort order is more or less identical to what is seen in Unicode (probably after some normalizations). On the other hand, languages using logograms (logosyllabic scripts, mainly Chinese characters in our context) does not have their characters sorted in their primary natural (usually phonetic) order in Unicode.
This causes a problem where a list of text sorted in Unicode code point order can be odd and difficult to look up from in these languages. Custom sort order in music libraries is thus useful when you have songs in one of these languages, or even a mix of them.

As this article involves mainly with concepts common among Chinese and Japanese language users, this article is also written in zh-hans and ja.

在 macOS 和 Android 平台实现音乐库中的自定义排序

歌曲名称、歌手以及专辑的自定义排序顺序常被认为非常罕见的需求。大多数主要语言使用的是表音文字。它们的自然顺序通常与 Unicode 中的排序的大致相同(有些文字可能需要进行规范化处理)。 而在使用表意文字(主要是汉字)的语言中,它们的自然顺序(通常是读音顺序)与 Unicode 中的编码顺序相当不同。这会导致这类语言以 Unicode 编码顺序时会看起来很奇怪,并且很难从中查找。因此,当歌曲库中存在着一种或多种这样的语言时,自定义排序顺序则是一个很有用功能。

macOS と Android での音楽ライブラリーのカスタムソート順

音楽ライブラリにおいてのカスタムソート順は、かなりまれなニーズだとされている。 ほとんどの主要言語は表音文字を使って、その自然な並べ替えが Unicode での順序とほぼ同じである(場合によっては正規化は必要)。一方、表意文字(主に漢字)を使う言語では、Unicode での並び方が自然な並び方(通常は読み順)と異なる。これにより、Unicode コードポイント順で並べ替えられたリストがおかしいな順番たと見られ、調べづらくなる。したがって、音楽ライブラリ中のタイトル、アーティスト、アルバム名などのカスタムソート順は、これら一つ、または複数の言語で構成している場合に役に立つ。

RWG: an Experiment on Semi-Automated AI (?) Agent for Genkai Shiritori Mobile

Few days ago, a new game, Genkai Shiritori Mobile (GSM), was released by Baton Co., Ltd. and a web media and YouTubers team QuizKnock. Shiritori is a traditional Japanese word game where each player says a new word that starts with the last letter (or rather kana) of the previous word. Genkai Shiritori is a game originated from QuizKnock where they added a few new rules on top of the simple Shiritori game, including:

  • Including a random factor of playing cards: the next player must say a word with the number of kanas on the card drawn.
  • Time limit: each player has a total of 5 minutes of time per game

After the Genkai Shiritori video series has gain popularity on YouTube, QuizKnock then modified the rules further and made into a mobile game. This article is introducing my analysis, attempts and thoughts on building a semi-automated AI (?) agent, which I later named it as Random Word Generator.

Fixed Xposed’s incompatibility issue with LBE on my AOSP lollipop by flashing a SELinux Permissive Kernel.

Fixed Xposed’s incompatibility issue with LBE on my AOSP lollipop by flashing a SELinux Permissive Kernel, it also solved the issue where a “soft reboot” is required for activating Xposed framework.

My environment: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with AOSP Lollipop (BlissRom), Xposed for Lollipop alpha, LBE security for lollipop.

Search keyword: SELinux permissive, LBE, Xposed, lollipop, 5.0, android, kernel, not activated, soft reboot, Android L.


a. 什么是小米系统


b. 适用范围


c. 方法

我们使用的工具是 Activity Launcher (Play 市场链接)。这款应用可以在桌面添加Android各种应用的Activity的快捷方式。(什么是Activity?)小米系统里面联系人、短信、拨号的Activity都可以在里面找到。

  1. 进入 Activity Launcher,在上面的菜单选All Activities。
  2. 读取完毕后从下面的应用里表里展开小米系统
  3. 找到拨号、短信、联系人的Activity。(由于Activity较多,需要多试几个)
  4. 长按,并选择Create Shortcut。
  5. Voila。启动器上面就显示创建好的快捷方式了。