Tonguess: Solver and Traffic Analysis

Similar to the last post I did on a mobile game, this time again is another online battle game from Baton and QuizKnock — Tonguess (Android, iOS). In short, Tonguess is a word version of Bulls and Cows, once played by members of QuizKnock in a video.

How to play

Rules of Tonguess is simple: there are 2 players in a game, each player first comes out with a heterogram (word with no repeated letters) word in the dictionary of the game app. Length of the word to guess is decided prior to the game – either 3 letters or 4. Then they shall take turn to make guesses of the word of their opponent. Once a player makes a guess, the app will tell you how close you are to the answer. It will tell you 2 numbers:

  • Touch (a.k.a. cow, eat, B) is the number of letters you got correct but in the wrong place.
  • Get (a.k.a. bull, bite, A) is the number of letters you got correct and also in the right place.

Despite the word you choose at the beginning must be in the dictionary, you can use any combination of letters

Once a player guessed the word correctly in less rounds than their opponent, the game is won by the player. Similarly, it will be a draw round if both players got the word of each other in the same number of guesses.


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