Telegram Chat Backgrounds/Patterns Extracted

Telegram Chat Backgrounds/Patterns Extracted

This article is last updated over 2 years ago, the information mentioned may be changed or developed.

Here is a collection of all extracted chat background/patterns came with Telegram in their original resolution, extracted from Telegram for Android 5.14.0. In Telegram, they are also sometimes called Wallpapers.

This consists of 39 photographs that are there since no long after first Telegram release, 7 patterns in PNG added sometime after that, and 33 patterns in SVG (vector) added recently in 2019. All patterns are monochrome — black drawings and transparent background.

39 Photographs

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    • Telegram allows anyone to create third-party clients for their platform, and these backgrounds are retrievable through their API for clients. Register a client with them, and you will be able to get them easily.

  1. What’s the license of these patterns? can I use them in projects?

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