UOM Programming Proficiency/Competency Test

This article is to introduce what is the University of Melbourne Programming Proficiency/Competency Test, and how it was like. Information was based on my personal experience in Semester 2, 2016.

What is it?

The University of Melbourne Programming Proficiency Test (also known as the Programming Competency Test), is served as one of the prerequisites to replace the subject COMP10001 Foundation of Computing. When passing this test at a score more than 75%, you can enroll to several subject including COMP10002 Foundation of Algorithm.

The name of the test is not consistent throughout the materials provided by the university, but “Programming Proficiency Test” is used more commonly.


Get Latin Modern on Quiver

Just had my first hand-on experience with Quiver. It’s quite a useful note-taking app. Just that it only supports OS X. It would be better if it works on Android as well.

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The Making of the New 1A23 (1): Accordion and Modal in the same tag with pure CSS.

This is my new series that talks about the making of the new 1A23 Studio site, and some tricks I’ve used in it. For the first article, I would like to talk about the gallery page.


My belief in choosing a tool/service to use

Everyone has his beliefs, religional or not. And today I’m going to talk about my belief in choosing a tool to use. Grown in the age of IT, my entire life has been influenced by the brust of IT applications. Since most of the time, those consumer electronics are just tools to use, it is important to choose a proper one for a greater efficiency.


The Link: My Solution

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To the second anniversary of Lyricova

To the second anniversary of Lyricova.

Time flies. It’s two years from the first time I started this project, and it’s also the project I run the longest. Here I would like to talk about why I want to start such a project.

Since the very beginning, the headline of Lyricova reads “the innermost me, explained”. Same as the current one, “This is what I sing, all day long”, both of them tells the same idea: Lyricova is where I would expose my innermost feeling in a way that most people could understand. I started listening to Vocaloids Since 2011. The first two songs were “the Disappearance of Hatsune Miku” and “Tell your world”. That was the first time I feel such sympathy from a song. From then, I was exposed to more Vocaloid songs. I found myself felt in love with it, not the characters, but the songs per se. As those songs are created by those who are not the mainstream songwriters, by everyone who are enthusiast in music, by those who wants to express their feeling using music. Just like what Google says, “Vocaloids, virtual singers. Everyone, creator.”

Then, I started to sing all the Vocaloid songs, anywhere, anytime, just like what I have done before. As I am not quite an outgoing person, I have a relatively small social circle. Sometime when I feel bad, I found there is really few people I can speak to. I don’t realize anyone who can quietly listen to me. Meanwhile, even there is such one, I may not really know what I want to say, what I want to tell others. Until when I found Vocaloids. Over the 4 years of encounter with it, I’ve found the feeling of sympathy that nowhere else can give me, and it also gives a media where I can express my feeling to others in a more acceptable way.

Around me, someone complains that despite I sings quite OK, he cannot understand what I’m singing. Vocaloids, in the view of my social circle, is considered as non-popular, or to most of them, “no idea of what it is”. Then I decides to share these lyrics on my social media accounts, translated, as I hope others would know what I’m singing, the feeling of “want to be cared by others”. Later, I found out that there is quite a need for me to keep all the lyrics in an archive and spread them more efficiently.

Then, I started Project Lyricova.

It is an archive of those lyrics that move me, and more like a place where people want to know the real me. (Though maybe no one would like to do so.) Of Lyricova, I crafted everything from scratch, the blog system, the content, frontend, and backend logic, as well as all the contents, with translations. It feels like Lyricova is a child of mine, as I have put all my feelings and hard work in it.

Until now, I still believe that eventually someone will read this site and feels what I feel. With that, I’m satisfied.

Looking back, Lyricova is more like a dairy, a dairy that uses others’ words to express my own feelings.

So, with all of this, I wish you a happy birthday, and a better future, my dear Lyricova.




Fixed Xposed’s incompatibility issue with LBE on my AOSP lollipop by flashing a SELinux Permissive Kernel.

Fixed Xposed’s incompatibility issue with LBE on my AOSP lollipop by flashing a SELinux Permissive Kernel, it also solved the issue where a “soft reboot” is required for activating Xposed framework.

My environment: Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with AOSP Lollipop (BlissRom), Xposed for Lollipop alpha, LBE security for lollipop.

Search keyword: SELinux permissive, LBE, Xposed, lollipop, 5.0, android, kernel, not activated, soft reboot, Android L.


Wow, the project is just as huge, or even larger?

Just after I write out the plan of the project, I realised how huge it is. Seriously, somehow I don’t know how to start. It’s quite a mess with everywhere interconnected. Anyway, I’ll just start with UI design first.

Okay, maybe it’s the time when I should talk about my Noti+Plus.

Noti+Plus is a all-in-one information system for students. It gathers information from sources including school timetable, announcements and etc. Noti+Plus helps students to organise their tasks, update and share their information.


  • Dashboard
    A Google Now-like panel providing the information that you may need the most when you check it.
  • Agenda
    An always up-to-date calendar with all school events and you can contribute to it.
  • Timetable
    School timetable with changes that even happened suddenly.
  • Lesson Assistant Kit
    You are the master of your own lesson. LAK helps you to keep your note, and clear doubt with just a tap.
  • Notification center
    Get the update from all other school related website at the first moment


I really feels like to make a promotion video video for this, I hope I could get this done by next year open house.


Project Gy: Reborn?

Well, due to the mass temptation from Quora answerers, I’m going to reconstruct Project Gy from scratch with Laravel, soon after I finish the 3 modules. Then I will post up the last edition based on CodeIgniter.

Yet, I’m not quite sure if I really have time to reconstruct it, as JC2 is expected to be quite packed, and A-level is coming.

Probably, I may leave Project Gy as is and move on to Noti+Plus (I’ll introduce it in a later post), or Codename LyricG. Meanwhile there is a “MCQportal” (A web-app that get teachers to have quick multiple choice quiz online in a special manner) pending on the list. This was thrown by my ex-CCA teacher, and I’ve done a prototype with Web2Py, suggested by my pal Freddie.

There’s really a lot of things that I’ve planed to do, really a lot.

By the way, for the latest progress on Project Gy, please visit here. Whatever is cancelled there means it’s done.